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GC SOFLO offers professional help with installing, replacing, and choosing the best material for your current bathroom remodeling project. From simple jobs to complex missions, we have you covered from start to finish! Discover the best bathroom remodeling contractors through GC SOFLO! Our bathroom contractors know local manufacturers to guarantee you the lowest prices for the best job.
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Bathroom Remodeling Process
Learn Parts of Our Process to Remodeling Your Bathroom! Some Things Can Be Done By Consumers To Save Time, And Lower Project Costs.


Gutting the area to open up a clean canvas is essential for our bathroom remodeling experts. We’re careful of noticing where plumbing pipes and electrical wires are behind the walls, and are sure not to disturb them in the demolition process.


For a typical DIYer, this may be a process you can knock out the way. Cutting and laying tile takes a lot of patience and carefulness.

Fixture Replacement

If your project isn’t as complex, and you just want a fixture replacement like a faucet, showerhead or knobs.

Mirror Framing

After years of wear on the edges of mirrors, people find it time to purchase a new one. A keen trick is to put a frame around the mirror to hide the wear on the edges, and cut the cost of re-installing a mirror by 1/4.


Instead of getting a completely new toilet, consider replacing the toilet seat and lid instead. This will give it a much more fresh look for a lot less.

[cl-itext texts=”Bathroom Remodeling Projects Can Cost Anywhere Between  $1000
Bathroom Remodeling Projects Can Cost Anywhere Between $15000″ delay=”3″ font_size=”25px” font_size_mobile=”17px” color=”#ffffff” dynamic_color=”#405e75″ tag=”h4″]




For over 10 years, we have helped clients build their dream bathrooms with remarkable installments in South Florida homes and commercial properties.

Work Ethic

Our experienced bathroom remodeling contractors have worked hard to earn the trust of homeowners, architects and developers throughout South Florida.


Customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation for being honest, reliable, and professional.

One Step Ahead

With the latest, cutting edge technologies in the industry of bathroom remodeling and connections with the best fabricators, clients can expect the next big thing from GC SOFLO.


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