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Flooring Installation Tips

Learn Parts of Our Process to Remodeling Your Floors! These are some tips to consider while figuring out your new flooring plan

Cork for Carpet

If you don’t want to deal with carpet but still want a soft underfoot, you can opt for cork flooring. With softened thuds and footsteps, it’s still a viable switch for children’s rooms.

Floating Vinyl Sheets

Sometimes considered the most affordable option for kitchens and bathrooms, vinyl sheets can be an easy DIY option nowadays, and still adds a great shine to a room 

Laminate Floors / Engineered Woods

Both are floating floors made up of tongue-and-groove planks that snap together. With various styles and sizes, these two options have their perks. Engineered wood has more variety while Laminate (plastic) is much more resistant to stains, scratches, etc.